TEHRAN is IRAN’s beating heart. This big city is the capital of IRAN and while being a very busy city, it can still provide you with a unique adventure and travel experience. Medical tourism in Tehran and 5 star hotel hospitals you can trust highly qualified doctors in modern and fully equipped hospitals and clinics to take care of all your medical needs. From Lasik eye surgery in TEHRAN, to complicated heart surgeries and even IRANS’s world famous cosmetic surgeries, TEHRAN will answer all your medical needs with comfort and ease.

TEHRAN boasts some of the best museums in IRAN, from the treasury of national jewels, Sa’d Abad Museum Complex, National Museum of Iran, Ebrat Museum, if you’re into history, to many historic palaces and also ski resort in north of TEHRAN,  Darakeh & Darband, Tochal Telecabin and many more activity and leisure centers if you’re into having some fun during your stay. For rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgeries in TEHRAN you can freely choose from a wide variety of clinics and hospitals that offer high quality jobs with very affordable prices.

If you want to do a little shopping during your stay in TEHRAN, don’t forget to take a look at TEHRAN’s grand bazar for a traditional feel of this big city and its history for all your souvenir needs. Also, all around TEHRAN you will easily find huge and modern shopping center complexes for your daily needs and quality brand IRANIAN and foreign merchandise. Remember, IRAN is definitely cheaper than most places in Europe and Middle east due to its ever fluctuating currency. In TEHRAN you don’t need to worry about your transportation and being able to communicate to people, as a wide percentage of the youth can and will help you with a big smile on their face. TEHRAN is busy, the people might seem to be always in hurry, but because of their world-famous hospitality, they will always find time to help a stranger feel welcomed in their hometown.

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