AriaMedtour provides a wide range of medical services for patients, among them are insurance services that are of high importance in medical field as well as any other field.

While providing the services, the company considers patients as Iran’s representatives in their countries, that is why we offer the bests of the services, with a special focus on insurance. The company provides a wide range of services in this area as follows:

  • In accordance with the company’s policies based on customers’ satisfaction with quality and faith, in case there is any medical malpractice, treatment will be repeated and further expenses including accommodation and ticket expenses will also be covered by AriaMedTour.
  • It is noteworthy that for ensuring safety and reassuring the patients, all patients are insured from the very moment they enter the country, as a way to help them manage their health care costs during their stay.
  • The insurance also covers any unexpected incidents.
  • Hospital insurance will cover all the expenses and costs for the second surgery such as unexpected and additional medical costs .