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Javad Al-Aemeh Heart Charity Hospital was built by virtue of the lofty aim of Mr. HajMashaallah Daneshi Nia. In May 1991 after a lapse of
two years spent for handlingbureaucratic formalities and obtaining related permits from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as well as from Municipality of Mashhad, this hospital was erected on a land with the area of 9645 square meter as per tit le deed No. 2525 registered under subsidiary lot No. 211 / 188 out of main lot No. 182, district 10 of Mashhad, and commenced its activity with 96 approved beds. The construction project took 4 years and
8 months. This hospital was built on an area of 2500 square meter in five stories, and now is equipped with 126 active beds.
This hospital has emergency unit with 11 beds; clinic with 6 doctor rooms; pharmacy; echocardiography; ETT (exercise tolerance test); radiology; Doppler ultrasound; laboratory; two surgical wards; three operating rooms of 50 meter size each; intensive care unit (ICU and CCU) with a total of 32 beds and full equipment; catheterization and angiography unit; nuclear medicine; cardiac rehabilitation unit; education and research; library and training hall; two conference halls and dining room with an area of 310 square meter each.
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