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The hospital is located on 8 floors with 200 beds, including rooms with two beds and 70 special beds, in a land area of 20,000 square meters. The presence of prominent professors, experienced doctors, and committed staff, has become this center as the best Iranian private hospital in the mind and heart of patients.

erfan, a hospital bed of surgery and sectors including orthopaedicsurgery and spinal column , heart surgery , neurosurgery , of urologic surgery and kidney transplant surgery , public and laparoscopicsurgery, pediatric surgery , reconstructive plastic surgery, andbeauty, eye surgery , surgery ears and nose and throat , plastic surgery, surgery women and childbirth , and areas of the heart and angiography , nerves, and a smooth , Neurology , lung, dialysis  , blood, infectious diseases and digestion and internal node and also the special parts of the ICU , CCU , NICU , the intensive care unit OH,POST the ICU .

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